Who we are?

Sandrine Dress – Founder

30 years ago, our business was mainly focused on consulting and cost control.  Guaranteeing you the best quality of realization at the best costs  was our main activity. Times have changed. Today, This brand has become too restrictive, too focused on the financial aspect. The world of  communication has evolved considerably. It has densified and become more complex, creating new needs. To meet these  expectations, we decided to rename our company: 

The address is not just a new identity. Consulting and cost control has made us the market leader and will always remain at the heart of our approach but the address also tends towards becoming the place to be for advertisers looking for a structure, an organization in line with the new challenges of communication. The diversification of our areas of intervention has largely developed around a team of expert consultants, knowledgeable in dialogues for an effective sharing of objectives with the Marketing and Procurement teams. The address wants to be agile to be as close  as possible to advertisers, meet all their requirements and support them throughout the production process.

Our ambition has always been to innovate to be the leader in our market.

The birth of the adDress further asserts this desire

 for communications services

10 reasons to thrust the adDress


Leading creative production consultancy since 1991


We employ dedicated senior consultants with complementary experiences, production, post production, agency, print,…


Proven methodology based on proprietary tools (Pre bid documents, training…)


A renowned strength that shows no concessions on quality, a legitimacy alongside the creative agencies and production houses


We can deliver under strong time constraints


An up-to-date database (over 2 000 quotes negotiated in all sectors/countries and over 300 projects/year) UDM and Club des Annonceurs registered


Analytical software for project monitoring reporting


An international network of expert partners. We cover the principal international markets to meet the local and international needs of our clients


We work closely with the client throughout the projects to ensure a continuing link allowing it to monitor the overall budget


Privileged partner of numerous clients from a large variety of industries, some of them since the consultancy’s creation